Inner-View With KEWW

Fund 5 - Ten Part Video Series


Blockchain technology & the true potential of Cardano is not easy to understand for new members of this ecosystem, limiting their engagement.

Produce a video series of entry level interviews discussing Project Catalyst with its members & build a foundation of knowledge to grow from

Cardano-Heartbeat (CEM)

Fund 6 - Critical Event Management System


Power Failure, Network Disruptions & Hardware Failure can happen at any time to SPOs, many are not prepared for such events.

Develop a Critical Event Management System including Incident Alerts, risk-analysis dashboard, and pre/post-incident strategies.

Website in progress


Fund 4 - Community Advisor


Active Participant in Fund 4 as a Community Advisor and built a network of trusted individuals throughout the community.

Developed multiple tutorials and videos relevant to the time

Provided various interviews through "Elevator Pitch" series

Cuntributed multiple documents and community discussions on improvement options and opportunities