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Oil Paintings & Cardano NFT's


I have pay-in address style mints available here for the NFT Inspired Paintings

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If you are unfamiliar with NFT's and what's going on on this page, please feel free to reach out to me... it's actually my highest priority, to share the knowledge and understanding about what is available to physical artists and collectors regarding Fine Art Authentication using NFT's!!
KEWW CNFT Oils SERIES 2 & 3 - Policy ID:   ca28861674c6d932b32a22658e411da7e3fac78f1e1a282c306ef9df
KEWW Oils & KEWW CNFT Oils Policy ID's close 6/5/22 & 6/21/22 - After that date no more mints from the first series of my old paintings  


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Series III

"KEWW CNFT Oils" Collection
"KEWW CNFT Oil XV" - 27 ADA Each


Description: 20 x 20 Oil on Canvas - 2023


Inspiration: "Thomas Tew's Sloop 'AMITY' - via OTK”

Official Website: https://orderofthekraken.io/

Inspired by the NFT Project Order of The Kraken's epic lore and attention to detail, I naturally dug deeper on my favorite pirate family, Thomas Tew. This is my first detailed painting of a tall ship. Given there are no photos of Amity, this rendition is of what was described and typical from the times accounts, prior to his final trip to Davey Jones' Locker!


50 Total Supply
"KEWW CNFT Oils" Collection
"KEWW CNFT Oil XIII" - 25 ADA Each


Description: 16 x 12 Oil on Canvas - 2022

Inspiration: “Cypherkicks #2238 USA”

Official CNFT Project Website: https://www.cypherkicks.com/

i was not much of a sneaker guy back in my youth, but I am a big supporter of encouraging projects with drive and passion. Cypherkicks is just one of these and if ell of their dreams come true, the world may just be a better place. Keep up the great work Peppers!


50 Total Supply
"KEWW CNFT Oils" Collection
"KEWW CNFT Oil XII" - 25 ADA Each


Description: 12 x 16 Oil on Canvas - 2022


Inspiration: “Degener8 S/N: GN01-5-203”

Official Website: https://degener8s.io/

Soon after cNFTcon 2022 was made official I was following the 2500 Club and marco through their journy. knowing that the project funds will help them realize their dreams I minted quite a few of these. At the moment this project is quite, but painting this was really fun!


50 Total Supply
"KEWW CNFT Oils" Collection
"KEWW CNFT Oil XI" - 25 ADA Each


Description: 20 x 24 Oil on Canvas - 2022

Inspiration: “The Ape Society - Danton de' Medici”

Official CNFT Project Website: https://www.theapesociety.io/https://www.theapesociety.io/

This is another semi-commission piece after feeling the Ape Society vibe and meeting TAS/OM crossover friends I asked, before owning any of my own, the man known as Mfer. Danton If I could  do this piece in the same manner as the CN & SB - so we did, and I have since become a member of The Ape Society myself.


50 Total Supply

Series II

"KEWW CNFT Oils" Collection
"KEWW CNFT Oil VIII" - 25 ADA Each


Description: 12 x 16 Oil on Canvas - 2022


Inspiration: “Angel Baby Hit Squad 03501”

Official Website: https://angelbabyhitsquad.com/

I cannot even tell you how I came across this ETH/ADA Bridge project, probably just felt the radiating energy through the universe on what this project had and has in store for us all. This was my 2nd ABHS minted, and I have not stopped there. Special thank you to Fett and the entire Angel Baby Hit Squad Community!


50 Total Supply
"KEWW CNFT Oils" Collection
"KEWW CNFT Oil IX" - 25 ADA Each


Description: 12 x 16 Oil on Canvas - 2022

Inspiration: “Clay Nation 1977”

Official CNFT Project Website: https://www.claynation.io/clay-welcome

This is a first of it's kind piece as a Commission Piece. T O Double M Y (Tommy) and I hooked up in the CardanoTrees community and we worked together on sorting out a template for commission work between Cardano NFT Owners and IRL Artists. The goal here is for an ethical means to communicate and allow NFT enthusiasts an opportunity to onboard artist into Cardano! 


50 Total Supply
"KEWW CNFT Oils" Collection
"KEWW CNFT Oil X" - 25 ADA Each


Description: 14 x 18 Oil on Canvas - 2022


Inspiration: “SpaceBudz 9323”

Official Website: https://spacebudz.io/

Since the groundwork was laid on the Blue Clay, why not reach out to Alessandro and offer to trial this commission thing a second time over, So I did! True OG SpaceBudz NFT's will be out of reach for many people so having a painting of one may be an acceptable alternative. Thank you Ales for offering your favorite SB to be my Muse these past few months, not it is time to share the art!


50 Total Supply

Series I - Try Secondary Market

15 of each were available from 12/21/21 - 6/21/22

50 of 105 were sold or given away

"KEWW CNFT Oils" Collection


Description: 14 x 18 Oil on Canvas - 2021

Inspiration: “CardanoTrees 1651”

Official CNFT Project Website: https://cardanotrees.com

I was fortunate enough to have learned about the Cardano Trees project prior to launch and have been very involved in the community since then. I bought this CNFT on the secondary market because it is geolocated <10 miles from the final resting place of my great grandparents, ~2,000 miles from me now! Thank you to Damian and the entire Cardano Trees Community.


Only 9 exist
Policy is now locked
"KEWW CNFT Oils" Collection


Description: 12 x 16 Oil on Canvas - 2021


Inspiration: “The Armada Alliance”

Official Website: https://armada-alliance.com/

I hooked up with Wael & Tony from the Armada Alliance early this year during an Elevator Pitch YouTube Interview growing in Project Catalyst. Since then we’ve been fast friends and I consider the entire alliance a pool of mentors. Special thank you to Wael and the entire Armada Alliance Community!

Only 15 exist
Policy is now locked
"KEWW CNFT Oils" Collection


Description: 12 x 16 Oil on Canvas - 2021

Inspiration: “Planet Pixel Dry” & “Glacier03”

[ST4NA] Stake Pool Website: https://stakefornature.com/

hautlle contact: http://linktr.ee/hautlle

I staked with [ST4NA] as they have been active members of the Armada Alliance, donating >50% overall proceeds and providing regular educational materials to the ecosystem. hautlle and I hooked up during the early days of Cardano Trees and started sharing the artwork he has been bringing to the community. Combining both bits of artwork seemed very fitting to me. Special thanks to both of you for the inspiration to mindfully stake ADA and bring my own art into the light!


Only 5 Exist
Policy is now locked
"KEWW CNFT Oils" Collection


Description: 12 x 16 Oil on Canvas - 2021


Inspiration: “Mandelbrots #08490”

Official Website: https://www.mandelbrots.io/

I picked up a Mandelbrot early October to stare at and even used it as a background for a couple videos. I was lurking when the fire sale popped up on Halloween and snagged this beauty. Artistic mathematics have always inspired me, so I had to accept the challenge for detail and color, and am really happy where this piece landed. Thank you Jiri for making this project a reality in your world and sharing with mine!

Only 6 Exist
Policy is now locked
"KEWW CNFT Oils" Collection


Description: 16 x 12 Oil on Canvas - 2021

Inspiration: “Grumpy Bunny | Jigpaw 084”

Official Website: https://www.grumpybunny.io/

I had been watching the Grumpy Bunnies from afar for far too long when I minted this day one. What an amazing community and artwork. I could never have known I would get the grumpiest lesson of all in the CNFT Space from this… Hold what you like, regardless of the price. Refused to sell on the way up or at any point down, this Bun’s staying with me!


Only 4 exist
Policy is now locked
"KEWW CNFT Oils" Collection


Description: 12 x 12 Oil on Canvas - 2021


Inspiration: “unsig07631”

Official Website: https://www.unsigs.com/

What a tough project to get into after the fact, and one of the toughest oil paintings due to small painting size. In the end I traded one of my prized Cardano Trees with an early adopter in the unsig community to add this to my collection. So grateful to Alex for bringing this project to the community, exploring a new path in blockchain and remaining ever present across the ecosystem, I will shake your hand one day to thank you in person!

Only 8 exist
Policy is now locked
"KEWW CNFT Oils" Collection


Description: 12 x 16 Oil on Canvas - 2021

Inspiration: “LoganHoskinson182”

Official Website: https://www.cardanocaricatures.com/

Thanks to watching a late night interview during CNFT Con I was re-introduced to Justin Cruz, the Cardano Caricatures project and Old Money. I picked up a CC set and Logan was a top pick from my daughter to include in this set of paintings. Look for the time lapse video of this painting on my YouTube channel too! Thanks Justin for an awesome couple of projects, looking forward to seeing what else you have in store!


Only 6 exist
Policy is now locked


Only send the exact amount of ADA specified for any piece, as a single transaction. If you wish to purchase multiple tokens you must make individual purchases.


Only send ADA from a Cardano wallet such as Daedalus, NAMI or Eternl and NEVER from an exchange… in fact, if you still have ADA on an exchange do not take this time to buy my art, take this time to move YOUR assets into YOUR own wallet and delegate to a small pool that needs your support… then come back and buy my art!


I feel I need to be clear on two more points: First, you are purchasing Cardano NFT's. The image is a direct photo from an "Oil on Canvas" of a certain size to give you perspective. Each NFT Piece is inspired by assets that I already own or were commissioned to paint. 


To the second point, I am not in any way directly affiliated with any of the projects below, I am just truly inspired by them and have produced my own rendition of each in my own way and give full credit to each original artist and project, even in the metadata!


Enjoy your visit here, I am easy to get ahold of if you have any questions, comments or maybe even desire a commissioned piece...  


KEWW Oils Policy ID:   10d0cfea0fbde158047c1b7b2238f38635f5fe57d929a654e386d627 - Closes 6/5/22
KEWW CNFT Oils Policy ID:   cf7100247e2cf881be5f358f92bdb919110db62ebf3288a469a0b266 - Closes 6/21/22